We Have it Where it Counts!

Our skill base is built from years of working in fields that allow us to offer products that no one else can.  Our on-site gunsmiths have held positions such as: a contractor for the US Tactical Command.-S.A.R.E.T. program, a Prototype Engineer for a Major US Barrel Company, a High Tolerance Prototype Machinist, and a CAD/CAM Draftsman and Programmer.

We proudly offer all traditional services that you'd come to expect from a local gunsmith.  From installing an adjustable comb on a shotgun to blueprinting a Remington 700, we can do it.  If you don't see what you're looking for in our "services" page; please give us a call!

Additionally, our background in multiple focuses and industry connections allow us to offer some of the more cutting-edge technologies to our customers.  Some of these include

  • Salt bath nitriding for steel and stainless steel parts
  • NiB-X Plating for various materials
  • hydro-dip camoflage applications

Services We Offer

Knowledge Base

Whether it be a custom holster, made to fit grips for a target pistol, or a custom machined adapter; Neponset Valley Gunsmiths LLC is your solution.


Neponset Valley gunsmith'sLLC isn't your run of the mill gunsmithing shop.  Our unique blend of skill-sets allows us to design and create solutions that fit your needs.  We strive to support ALL firearms enthusiasts and help give them the best tools to succeed at whatever their task may be.